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SHE VOTES celebrates women’s history, from those who fought for suffrage to those who’ve raised their voices ever since.

From Seneca women in upstate New York to Native basketball players in Montana, from Impressionist art to Riot Grrrl, SHE VOTES shines light on the many women who broke down barriers and inspire us on.
This is not your average history of women’s rights.

It’s a collection of heart-pounding scenes and keenly observed portraits. Bridget Quinn tells an intersectional story of the women who won suffrage, and those who have continued to raise their voices for equality ever since—from Elizabeth Cady Stanton to Audre Lorde, and from the first female Principal Chief of the Cherokee Nation to the first woman to wear pants on the Senate floor.

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Bridget Quinn is a writer, art history scholar and educator who lives and works in San Francisco.

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